Most of us love pets, especially dogs. As a dog lover we have to ask one question ourself, that is “Is we are giving Dog’s Favourite Food?” Usually we didn’t think about our dog’s favourite food. We love our dog, it always be with us we will be happy to play with that and do everything. But when it comes to eat, we just put the rest of our lives. It’s not good for our dog’s health, the food we are giving should be healthy and dog’s favourite.

From now we can serve the favourite food to our pets. Okay, then how can we find our dog’s favourite food? Here I have listed some dogs favourite food from my knowledge.

When I think about dogs favourite food the first thing comes on my mind is meat, some of the common meats are Chicken, Beef, Turkey and Duck. Usually all dogs like meat, it may be cooked or raw one every dog like it. It contains large amount of protein.

Second item comes on mind is Bone Piece, mostly the dogs likes to chew Bone Piece, it makes the dogs teeth and gums healthier and balance the dogs diet by adding the calcium.

Also it likes Eggs and Seafoods, these are also healthy foods egg contains high proteins and the seafoods are enriched with omega 3 fatty acid.

In vegetarian it likes to eat Corn, Cheese, Beans and Carrot these foods are good for dog’s health and its favourite too. Not only these vegetables, dog likes any fresh green foods.

The above I have told were not for any particular breed, it’s a common dog’s favourite food. Keep your dog healthy and active by providing dog’s favourite food.


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