Short Legged Long Bodied Dogs

The Prettiest and Long Bodied Dogs with All the Shortest Legs

You will find hundred distinct breeds of dogs from all over the world. These puppies mostly vary in size, colour, looks and can other traits however they have something in common — they’re extremely loyal pets; therefore considered man’s companion. Below are a few dog breeds with extended body but quite short legs.

 Skye terrier.

 Skye Terrier is a long bodied dog. This dog is also known for his short legs and long hair on its body. Earlier Skye Terrier was developed in Isle of Skye in Scotland. It was firstly used to hunt but after seeing his capabilities, sky terrier was apperciated so much that people started to keep it as a pet.

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Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Among the most adorable dog breed with short legs but exceptionally long body is your Cardigan Welsh Corgi. This strain is derived from Wales in the uk and is among the oldest herding breeds. Cardigan Welsh Corgis are extremely flexible dogs. They could reside in rural or urban areas without difficulties and are extremely faithful family pet.


Dachshunds are incredibly long-bodied dogs with really short legs which appeal to the hound family. In the Usa, Dachshunds are Utilised to search Prairie Dogs.

Basset Hound.

The Basset Hound is a exceptional dog breed with long tail, big ears, extended tail however an extremely short-legged dog strain. It had been strain to hunt hare and rabbits by odor. It’s thought of as the 2nd greatest odor dog breed beside the Bloodhound.

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 Westphalian Dachsbracke

Still another puppy bred of scenthound with really short legs and body would be your Westphalian Dachsbracke. This strain is in the region of Westphalia in Germany. This dog has been used in Sweden to create the similar appearing but somewhat taller Drever.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

The cute-looking Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a short-legged however long-bodied herding dog breed out of Pembrokeshire, Wales at UK. This puppy holds the distinction among the tiniest legged dog. 1 famous person who possesses many Pembroke Welsh Corgis is Queen Elizabeth II of UK. This amazing working dog can also be among the most intelligent dogs on earth.


Lancashire Heeler.

Another puppy with really short legs but has long tail would be your Lancashire Heeler. This little dog breed is a drover and herder of cows and is generally black and tan or tan and liver. A Lancashire Heeler is more than its height and may weigh up to 5.9 kg.


 The Drever is a dog breed with elongated body and short legs. This scenthound is from Sweden and was bred for hunting deer and other game. It’s a descendant of the similar appearing Westphalian Dachsbracke of all Germany.


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